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Donation Requests

The Arizona Coyotes are dedicated to assisting community initiatives by providing auction items to non-profit organizations for fundraising purposes. We have a genuine commitment to the communities we serve. Although we would like to accommodate every request with a positive response, due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot guarantee that every organization will receive a donation.
Please review our donation and organization guidelines before submitting your request. These guidelines are provided to ensure fairness and maximize the support the Arizona Coyotes can provide throughout the state of Arizona.


  • In order to streamline our donations process, donation requests must be made online at least six weeks prior to event date. No written, phone, fax or e-mail requests will be accepted.
  • The Arizona Coyotes no longer mail out donations. All donations must be picked up by a representative of your organization from the Coyotes offices in Glendale, AZ. If your organization is within the state of Arizona but outside of the Greater Phoenix Area, the donation may be mailed at the discretion of the Coyotes.
  • Donations must be used to raise additional funds for the requesting organization. We will not fulfill donation requests where the donated items are used as door prizes, incentives or giveaways.
  • You will be notified of the status of your request via email approximately one month to two weeks prior to your event. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, we will not accept phone calls or emails regarding the status of your request.
  • Organizations are limited to one request per fiscal year (July-June).
  • Items donated will be decided upon at the discretion of the Arizona Coyotes.
  • Monetary donations are only made once a year through the Arizona Coyotes Foundation Grant process. Please click HERE for more information.
  • The Arizona Coyotes will not accept items to be autographed, and will not be responsible for returning any items received.


Please ensure that your organization fits under the following guidelines before submitting a donation request.

  • The Arizona Coyotes will only donate directly to 501(c)3 organizations.
  • The Arizona Coyotes cannot donate to religious, political or labor groups.
  • The Arizona Coyotes receive a high volume of requests from schools and cannot donate items to school raffles, carnivals, fundraisers, or festivals.
  • The Arizona Coyotes are unable to donate to companies (for-profit) holding organizational campaigns for non-profit organizations, as we donate directly to these groups.
  • The Arizona Coyotes are unable to donate to individual fundraising initiatives (ie. Walk teams, marathons, Team-in-Training, etc.) .
  • Events benefitting an organization outside the state of Arizona will not be granted a donation.

Thank you for your continued and outstanding efforts in the communities you serve!

Click here to submit a donation request

Due to the high number of requests we receive, we do not accept phone calls regarding the status of a request. Once the request has been reviewed, you will receive notification of approval or denial approximately one month to three (3) weeks prior to the event via email. Organizations approved for a donation will receive a “Donation Recap Form”. This form MUST be filled out and sent back in order to be considered for future donations.

Ticket Donations

Ticket donations are given to organizations and nonprofits to allow kids or service men and women to attend hockey games that may otherwise not be able to do so. Coyotes season ticket members, corporate sponsors, Coyotes players, community partners and private donors provide this opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of Coyotes hockey and make memories that will last a lifetime. Please note that as we rely on donations to give out tickets, availability varies greatly from game to game, so please note specific needs or flexibility. 

Tickets requested here will not be granted for raffles, auctions or fundraisers. If you are seeking a donation of any kind, please fill out the Donation Request Form above.  If you are looking to donate your tickets, please click here for more information on our tickets for kids/service men and women program.

Click here to submit a ticket request