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Going Green
The Phoenix Coyotes have launched the first of a multi-phase “Phoenix Coyotes Going Green” initiative to help reduce the organization's impact on the environment.

The Coyotes believe it’s important for companies alike to remember that global warming is huge concern, and that in everyone’s day-to-day activities, they emit greenhouse gases into the environment. Using energy efficient appliances and turning the thermostat up a couple degrees are simple ways people can help.

By launching this new initiative, the Coyotes are hoping to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.
In the first phase of the initiative, team employees developed “going green” standards that will be implemented throughout the company, including at Jobing.com Arena.
For example, all employees agreed to turn off lights and televisions in rooms not in use, turn computers off and close exterior window blinds at night and on weekends, and turn computer monitors off while at lunch or away from their desks.
Additionally, all printing and copying will utilize the double-sided option to reduce the amount of paper used and employees will bring their own reusable coffee and drink cups to eliminate the waste of disposable cups.
Among the many changes being implemented at Jobing.com Arena, the Coyotes and ARAMARK have come together to introduce the use of compostable and biodegradable food service items including cups made from corn PLA, a renewable resource that unlike plastic will biodegrade in a matter of months; plates and bowls made with molded fiber from 100 percent recycled materials; and cutlery made from vegetable starch. The items will begin to be seen at Coyotes home games, concerts and other special events starting this October.
“When you have upwards of 15,000 people at each event using cups, plates and utensils, the amount of trash we accumulate really adds up,” said Bill Cupo, resident district manager of ARAMARK. “Anything we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is a step in the right direction and using sustainable products is a big part of that.”
The new products will supplement efforts the arena has already been making to be more environmentally friendly.
The Coyotes also are exploring corporate partnerships to expand their ‘going green’ efforts throughout the coming months to include other areas such as recycling, water conservation and air quality.