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Stay in touch with your favorite team with the Phoenix Coyotes Firefox browser theme. The latest news, features, and video are right in your navigation bar along with the best of phoenixcoyotes.com.

You'll be the first to know as your browser will alert you the moment news is posted on the official team site. See the latest videos in the media sidebar including game highlights and insider features.

The Phoenix Coyotes browser theme is the ultimate online connection to your team.
1 – These themes run on the Firefox browser. If you’re not already using Firefox, you can get it for free right here.

2 – Review the Brand Thunder license agreement.

3 – Click on the "Accept and Install" button.

4 – Your browser theme should download and install automatically.

To keep the Coyotes Firefox Theme free, Brand Thunder includes Yahoo! search as your default search engine. Click here to read Brand Thunder's license agreement. By clicking Accept and Install below, you are accepting the Brand Thunder License Agreement.
Breaking News - the browser bar contains an embedded text window that pulls a breaking news RSS feed directly from phoenixcoyotes.com to keep you up-to-date on all the action with the team.

Team - the Phoenix Coyotes official roster page pulled directly from the NHL's Central Registry. If a player moves, it happens here first.

Tickets - the quickest link to the best prices for Phoenix Coyotes tickets, check out the 3D Seat Viewer to see your seats before the game.

Schedule - a direct connection to the dynamic schedule page on phoenixcoyotes.com where you can see what's coming up, game results, read recaps and watch highlight of all the games.

Multimedia - a pop-out sidebar that toggles between a detailed list of the last 15 news items and video features posted on phoenixcoyotes.com.