Luxury Suite Rentals
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What is an Allergy Friendly Suite?
The Allergy Friendly Suite is a private suite for families who want to enjoy NHL hockey and world class events in a setting that is shared by people with like symptoms. ***The suite has been cleaned prior to the event. Since peanut is the allergen that is documented to cause the highest risk for a touch or inhalation reaction, no peanuts will be served or may be brought into this suite. The Allergy Friendly Menu provided by the facility is free of the top 8 allergens. However, individuals may bring in food items from the concessions as long as they do not contain peanut or treenuts.

Where are the seats?

The Allergy Friendly Suite is located on the Club Suite level in suite 1217. You can view the seats through our virtual seat map by clicking on the attached link. Click here to see Suite View

How do I purchase Coyotes tickets?

Purchasing tickets to a Phoenix Coyotes game is easy. Follow the link and choose the game of your choice along with the number of tickets to order your tickets on line. BUY TICKETS HERE!

Can I purchase tickets to any Coyotes game?

Yes as long as tickets are available. You choose the game and enjoy!

How many Coyotes tickets do I need to purchase?

Unlike other suites at the arena there is no minimum commitment. You choose how many tickets you would like and enjoy the game!

Will there be other families in the suite during Coyotes games?

Yes. The suite is design to allow more than one family with allergies the opportunity to see a game.

How do I purchase concert and event tickets?

(Phoenix Allergy Network, LLC) will take all concert and special event orders and work directly with Arena. Note: unlike Coyotes games the entire suite (12) must be purchased at market rate. Email the Phoenix Allergy Network

What events are coming?

Please visit for the most up to date event listings. You can also join Arena’s “All Access Club” to get direct email notification of all events and concerts held at the arena.

Does my child need a ticket to enter Arena?

Yes, a child over the age of 2 years needs a ticket to enter the arena. Some family shows may require children under two to purchase a ticket.

When do I need to order tickets before the suite is open to non Allergy Friendly customers?

You can order hockey tickets up to 30 minutes prior to a game. For concerts and special events please contact Phoenix Allergy Network, LLC at least 10 days prior to the scheduled event.

Can I bring in my own food or food from a concession stand on the concourse? Arena has an exclusive contract with Aramark for the sale of all food and beverage items in the arena. Food that is top 8 (peanut, treenut, soy, wheat, dairy, egg, shellfish, & fish) allergen free is available for purchases up to 3pm the day prior to the event. Please be sure to read a list of ingredients provided with the menu to insure safety for your given food allergies. You can bring food from the concession stands into the suite however, as long as you do not bring peanut or tree nut containing foods.

What can we eat at Arena?

Aramark’s chefs have prepared an allergy friendly menu specifically for you. The attached menu and ingredients are listed below. Download Allergy Friendly Menu

How do I ensure that the food that my family orders is not eaten by other guests?

Aramark the food service provider of Arena will take individual orders and place the food in the suite upon your arrival. Aramark will ensure that proper signage is placed near your order i.e. “The Jones Family”

When do I need to order food for my family?

In order to receive items from the suite menu, all orders need to be placed by 3pm the day prior to the event or game.