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Mike Griebel
Manual Therapist

Mike Griebel enters his sixth season with the Coyotes as the team’s Manual Therapist. Griebel is responsible for preparing players for competition and recovery. He employs a variety of manual therapy techniques and works closely with the Coyotes medical staff on the rehabilitation of player injuries. 

Griebel joined the Coyotes organization in 2010-11 after spending 10 years with the Tampa Bay Lightning where he served in the same capacity, and was a part of the team during its Stanley Cup Championship run in 2003-04. 

Prior to joining the Lightning, Griebel spent six years as resident massage therapist for Gold’s Gym of Venice, California. He worked at Universal Studios Hollywood performing massage on cast members and crew and conducted a private business in Los Angeles. Griebel has also worked at numerous amateur sporting events in his career. 

A graduate of the Nova Institute of Health and Technology and the Southern California Sports Massage Clinic, Griebel has studied under prominent instructors in his field. He is a specialist in the Hemme approach to soft tissue and certified in the Mattes method of active isolated stretching. 

Griebel and his wife, Lauri, have four children: Kristina, Jessica, Soren and Trevor. The family resides in Glendale. 

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