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Hometown: Tucson, Arizona
Education: Arizona State University: I’m majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication with a Dance minor.
Hobbies: I love dancing, teaching dance, long-boarding, and hanging out with friends.
Three words that best describe me: Outgoing, laid-back, and ambitious.
Favorite Food: Ice cream and Mexican food – but not together!
Who I follow on Twitter: @phoenixcoyotes, @Drizzy (Drake), @blakegriffin, @tyrabanks, @justinbieber, @LarryFitzgerald, and @TheEllenShow.
Best part of living in Phoenix: I love that you can go swimming most of the year and never have to wear big, bulky jackets.
Proudest accomplishment: I’m a dance teacher, so watching my students win at competitions is always an amazing moment for me.
Favorite part of being on the Paw Patrol: I love performing in front of thousands of fans who are as passionate about the Coyotes as I am.