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Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee
Education: University of Tennessee: I majored in Child Development.
Seasons on the Paw Patrol: This will be my sixth season on the Paw Patrol.
Three words that best describe me: Loyal, humorous, and random.
Community involvement: I am a volunteer Sunday school teacher and I also do various community events through my church.
What I collect: I love cowboy boots!
Best part of being on the Paw Patrol: I love everything – the fans we meet, watching hockey, and the bond between all of the members.
My personal style in a few words: A little bit of rock and roll with a southern country twist.
Favorite Coyotes player: Paul Bissonnette because I like his confidence, when he gets in fights to pump up the crowd, and his sense of humor. Oh yeah, and his tattoos!