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Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona
Education: Arizona State University: I majored in Business and Communication.
Interests: I love cooking and baking, writing new recipes, Zumba, hiking, yoga, traveling and learning about new cultures, watching any and all sports, volunteering, and spending time with family and friends.
3 words that best describe me: Spontaneous, competitive, and dedicated.
Goals: Get a MBA, start a non-profit organization, travel the world, and have my own Food Network TV show.
Most embarrassing moment: When I tried to shoot the T-shirt gun for the first time ever. I think I took a fan out completely with my horrible aim.
Activities to stay in shape: Zumba and pilates mixed with yoga. Running up all the stairs during Coyotes games helps also.
Favorite Coyotes player: Mike Smith – I followed his story when he came to Phoenix. His dedication to our team and the determination he showed was really incredible. He had an incredible season and was a solid player throughout our playoff push.