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Hometown: Tempe, Arizona
Education: Arizona State University, Go Devils! I majored in Human Communication with a Non Profit Administration minor.
Seasons on the Paw Patrol: This is my third season with the Paw Patrol.
Interests: Traveling and finding every place featured on the Food Network. I also love to dress my dogs up. Whatever I try to put on them never ends up staying on for very long, but those few seconds are hilarious.
Goals: I love my life! My goal is to keep enjoying my life to the fullest no matter what obstacles get thrown at me.
3 words that best describe me: Energetic, happy, and silly.
Most embarrassing moment: During a sold out Coyotes game, I ran down the stairs to celebrate an amazing ‘Yotes goal, and as I ran back up the stairs I tripped in the middle of the row. My poms went flying and I was laying on the stairs. People cheered when I stood up – so funny and so embarrassing.
My personal style in a few words: Casual – I’m a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl.
Favorite Coyotes player: Captain Coyote Shane Doan.