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Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Education: Arizona State University: I’m majoring in Journalism & Mass Communication.
Interests: News, sports, coaching, the beach, reading by the pool, and anything with friends and family.
3 words that best describe me: Witty, outgoing, and charismatic.
My idol is: Barbara Walters and my mother, the smartest and most beautiful woman I know.
Goals: To report or anchor in a top 20 market and eventually host and emcee live events and shows.
Most embarrassing moment: When my mom spilled orange juice on my white shorts at breakfast in front of a team of baseball players. I was 14 at the time, and everything was a big deal then. I was mortified, but it’s a funny story now.
Best part of living in Phoenix: The constant sunshine, I hate being cold.
Favorite Coyotes memory: Shane Doan’s hat trick and making franchise history by advancing to the Western Conference Final for the first time.